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Our CyberSix Advisory Services are designed to be business effective and transformational.

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Board Advisory

Senior executive providing Board Level Advisory Services.

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Penetration Testing

virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Senior executive providing executive cybersecurity & information risk management executive strategy, program maturation and oversight advisory services.

What is a vCISO

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is a senior-level executive responsible for establishing and maintaining an organization's cyber vision, strategy and program maturation to provide a secure environment for information and technology assets.

CyberSix’s vCISOs are proven and have been providing this service for various organizations since 2017.

To be effective, the vCISO must articulate technical execution into business decisions, so that appropriate spending, resource allocations, and response activities meet business objectives.

CyberSix’s vCISO program has former Fortune 100 Cybersecurity Executives to provide you with the best leadership and proven methodologies. Our cyber executives are proven, credentialed, educated, and skilled to create that business to cybersecurity objectives for your company.

There are so many firms offering virtual or fractional CISO services, simply ask those other firms where their CISOs come from and why they are now offering this service.

"Cost Effective - vCISOs are estimated to cost between 30 percent and 40 percent of a full-time CISO and are available on-demand." - CSO Online

  • Flexible Solution to meet business needs and adapts to your culture – Retainer, Projects, or Support hours.
  • Meets all regulatory requirements for having an Executive responsible for security.
  • Proven – can provide proper budgeting, InfoSec Talent Management, cybersecurity strategic solutions.
  • Specialized Knowledge – brings experiences from multiple industries and environments
  • Vendor & Established Relationships – The vCISO brings experiences and deep technical knowledge with hard lessons learned providing realistic project planning and saving potential frustrations
  • Neutrality – Vendor agnostic, provides only solutions that is best for company
  • Succession – allows for critical functions of governance, risk, and compliance to be continual in the event of loss of key staff members
  • Independent processes – no agenda, proactive approach, experience in challenging audits, regulators, and consulting houses on what will work in your environment.

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SME Level Professional Services

Senior level (8+ years subject matter expertise) Subject Matter Expert retained for a block of hours to work at the client’s discretion as an extension of the client’s team to deliver a pre-defined outcome. Work to be performed is tightly scoped to customer’s desired outcome.

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Penetration Testing

Time & Materials Contributors

Hourly based security professional providing client directed security services as a cyber and information security consulting analyst, no pre-determined outcome.

What You Get with a vCISO


Verified Former CISOs and CSOs that are certified and Experienced Subject Matter Expertise with proven program methodology, design, and operations.


Deep understanding of Operational Cyber Risk Management with solutions that reduce costs associated with cybersecurity to solve complex issues.


We have worked in both Private and Public sectors as well as specific industries. We blend our cybersecurity knowledge with business, operational, and regulatory needs.


We bring cost effective, innovative, and transformational cybersecurity solutions based on our domain expertise with deep technical hands-on knowledge.

What You Avoid with a vCISO


Organization’s today face a constant changing Cyber threat landscape where the bad guys only have to get it right once.

Our vCISO program brings the industry expertise and flexible resourcing necessary to focus the Cyber mission on a comprehensive, certifiable set of controls and processes that systematically addresses the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.


Corporate Executives, Board Members, Auditors, Clients and Sales Partners all want proof of a documented, maturing and certifiable Cybersecurity Program.

Our vCISO Cyber Governance Models are proven effective across many different national and international Clients, across a diverse set of industries and Regulatory Challenges and when implemented lead to critical industry certification.


There is an exponential Rise in Cyberattacks, Data Breaches, and the sheer level of sophistication in Cyber-attacks is unprecedented.

With limited local talent we bring the deep industry experience to support your team to personalize the myriad of cyber solutions necessary to achieve maturation and certification of your Cybersecurity Program. vCISO’s can be implemented anywhere allowing when and where you need them.


Cybersecurity has predictably moved to become the biggest risk management issue posed to the organization and experienced CISO’s are in high demand, expensive and prone to turnover.

Our vCISO Program guarantees the convergence of current business risk management practices with Cyber Risk management ensuring that Cyber Risk can effectively managed through flexible resourcing that can react and lead critical cybersecurity initiatives when you need it the most. As your business model changes, our vCISO Cyber Governance models scales with your organization to meet regulatory compliance issues.

The world has a way of undermining complex plans. This is particularly true in fast moving environments. A fast moving environment can evolve more quickly than a complex plan can be adapted to it. By the time you have adapted, the target has changed.

—Carl von Clausewitz

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Our CI-DR™ framework and technologies are easily integrated into any environment to reduces costs, provide singular views of risk to provide leadership with decision support structures.

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Our CI-DR™ framework and technologies are easily integrated into any environment to reduces costs, provide singular views of risk to provide leadership with decision support structures.

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Our CI-DR™ framework and technologies are easily integrated into any environment to reduces costs, provide singular views of risk to provide leadership with decision support structures.

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